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All Guilds Meeting - February 2014

Portrait de Doobes

After all the bitter cold weather most of the world has been having (even those that usually don't see such a thing), it seems most people took the time to head down to the cavern to hear the latest during this month's All Guilds Meeting!  A good turnout and a more than a few useful pieces of information.  You can read up on it with our raw and cleansed chatlogs...and the following summary:

D'ni O'lympics

I.H.P.X. (aka Kaaja) was first to the podium to talk about the upcoming D'ni O'lympics, as well as the International Hood's Holiday Open House event back in December.  Details of the O'lympics are still forthcoming, but those organizing the events plan to start on February 15th with opening ceremonies and various other activities (stay tuned to the MOUL forums for more).  As for the open house, they were able to gather many interesting recipes from various explorers.  Those can be found here; others are encouraged to add to the list with your favorite dish!

Book of Atrus Reimagined

KathAveara was next to talk more about a fan project she and Ainia have been writing.  As she described it, it will take the events seen in the Book of Atrus and rewrite them a bit as something of an "alternate universe" type of story, one difference being Gehn staying to raise Atrus (as opposed to leaving after Atrus' birth as in the original book).  More on this and other works by Kath can be found on her Tumblr and Deviantart pages.

Guild of Writers

Hoikas stopped in to formally announce Gehn.19 to the crowd and briefly discuss the changes this update made (see linked news post).  He also said he wanted to get a new build of CWE materials out to the public before he is too busy with real life duties to do so.  There was also discussion about the upcoming two year anniversary party the Guild wants to have, but more details had to be finalized before an actual announcement.  Check back here at GoMe for further updates.

Guild of Messengers

As is customary, the GoMe was last to finish out the meeting.  Doobes first introduced Taliana, the Guild's newest German translator, to the crowd.  He then reiterated calls for those interested in the Guild's various projects (such as URU2U and The Cavern Post) to get in touch.  After someone asked about it, Doobes mentioned that anyone interested in helping out with Cavern Crier duties (ie keeping the cavern informed about the latest events) should either e-mail the Guild or contact Nev'yn.


The final tally for December was 2.5, while the last reading taken (January 27th) had last month at 2.6.  Keep those donations coming!

See you in March!

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